Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First step in to the frontline

Never dreamt to be anybody in politic although I joined DAP in 2006. I was elected as DAP Cheras Liaison Committee Vice Chairman in 2008 and I promised to deliver my very best to my beloved party as per position. I did what I could and through this I started an another important course in my life; politic. I was offered to be a Local Councillor in Majlis Perbandaran Kajang in 2009 and was heavyhearted by then whether to accept it or not. It is merely because that I have never think of getting involve in politic in the frontline. All this while, I was only thinking to support the machinery at the backstage.

It is really struggling to make the decision while I was wondering ‘am I up to it to take up the challenge’? It is not a matter like accepting a new job and just give it a try. Carry on or just look for a new job later on if felt it is not suitable for yourself. It will affect the party’s image if I failed. It is very hard to make the decision. Can I cope with the heavy workload and pressures? But at last, after much encouragements from my comrades, I accepted it.

It has been one year and I found that I enjoy the job. Maybe I got something wrong in myself, I enjoy the pressures. I found it very challenging and as to deal with the peoples has never been a problem for me as I’m a businessman who have to deal with various types of customers. Anyhow, I learnt a lot of things for the past one year and I feel proud to be a DAP Local Councillor.